paging is a vital resource for organizations all over the world, allowing administrators to communicate instantly with staff and visitors at the push of a button. therefore companies, especially hospitals and medical centers really need it to facilitate communication. besides that schools also needs it for scheduled bells throughout the day to alert students to class period changes.

 Paging can help improve efficiency and communication at your company, and it can help keep people safe in the event of an emergency. As technology and communication needs have changed through the years, IP paging has become another option to traditional analog paging. with IP Paging It allows a user to communicate to all devices on the network, including phones, speakers, digital signage, strobes, clocks, and more. 

Techma Provides SIP Paging Devices Including SIP Intercom, SIP Paging Server, SIP Paging Terminal, SIP Paging Amplifier, SIP Speaker


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