Techma TCM-5525SLG-JS

Xenon Flash descr
Xenon Flash descr
Xenon Flash descr
Xenon Flash descr
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Xenon Flash descr
Xenon Flash descr
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LPR Camera Xenon Flash Supplement Light


light is a supplement light by gas discharge, which supplements light simultaneously with capturing picture, controlled by high-definition intelligent cameras.

  • Built-in black honeycomb beam mask can effectively suppress afterglow, prevent glare and light pollution
  • Advanced fast charge and discharge circuit is adopted, which can quickly call back and meet the demand of two consecutive shots.
  • The peak power is high, which effectively improves the effect of capturing faces during the day.
  • Support level and switch triggering.
  • Support switch trigger, short circuit once to judge whether it flashes.
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Power Supply 220 Vac ± 10%/48 to 52 Hz; 110 VC ± 10%/48 to 52 Hz
Color Temperature 5500K ± 500K
Flash Energy 200 J
Peak flash duration 1/3000s, Call back time: < 67ms
Snap synchronization Support snap synchronization flash
Consumption (W) Average < 100 W (@ 1 flash/s), the instantaneous maximum < 300 W
Trigger mode Level trigger + 5 VDC switching value
Trigger Manner TTL Level (switch trigger optional)
Anti-glare Built-in black honeycomb beam mask
Effective fill light distance 16m – 25m
Optical Grating Support (reducing light pollution effectively
Operating Temperature -25 °C to 70 °C (-13 °F to 158 °F) (safe to use with attenuation no less than -40 °C)
Operating Humidity 10% to 90% @40 °C
Coverage Single lane
Application Condition Traffic camera and speeding capture camera
Pulse and Protection Shielded ≥ 3 Hz continuous pulse siognal (after 15 times flash enter micro-flash prompt state at time is 10s)
Service Life ≥ 20 million times
Weather Proof Rating IP66
Dimension 480 mm x 220 mm x 210 mm
Weight 3.5 kg(7.7 lb)