Node Controller Parking guidance
Node Controller Parking guidance
Node controller PGS
Node controller PGS
Node controller PGS
Node controller PGS
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Node controller PGS
Node controller PGS
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Node Controller Parking Guidance


Node controller cyclically detects the status of the connected detectors and uploads the information to the central controller. One node controller is designed to connect 124 terminals maximum. We recommend connect 80 terminals maximum to keep system working more stable. Node controller use for connecting the central controller and parking detectors, LED displays, etc., Using RS485, CAN bus hybrid communication mechanism to solve the problem of long-distance communication is not reliable, the expansion of network nodes, group management issues.

  • Adopts internationally advanced imported 32-bit ARM processor
  • Adopt CAN bus industrial grade communication interface design
  • Four RS485 communication interface design, completely independent of each other
    between the four does not affect.
  • The overall use of industrial design, after rigorous static electricity, lightning and surge, pulse
    and other tests, effectively ensure the reliable use of equipment;
  • Using short circuit, reverse connection and wrong connection protection design to prevent
    electrical damage to related equipment
  • Adopts the advanced anti-collision, fault-tolerant and error-correcting algorithm mechanism to ensure the stable and reliable communication.
  • Quickly detect the communication status of RS485 equipment and diagnose the bus
    connection after installation.
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Model TCM-PGC-410
Communication distance 1 CAN @ 20kbps, CAN : ≤ 1000m (RVSP 2 * 0.75)
 4 RS485 @ 9600bps, RS485 :  ≤ 150 m (RVSP) 2 * 0.5)
Dimension 360 x 310 x 170 mm
RS485 Capacity 31 units (sensor and led display)
Weight 5.8 Kg
Temperature -20 ~ 65 °C
Operating Voltage AC 110~240V
Power ≤ 2 W
Material Gray paint cold steelc