TCM-AT230SIP web 2
TCM-AT230SIP web 2
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TCM-AT230SIP web 3
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TCM-AT230SIP web 2
TCM-AT230SIP web 3
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Network Terminal IP Amplier 60Watt


TCM-AT230SIP This terminal can be used for rooms that require an independent audio system, where there is 1 Microphone input, line audio input that can be connected to an audio player or mixer. Line Audio output can be added to the Power Amplifier if you need a large speaker power. There is a line speaker output. which can be directly connected to an analog speaker with a power of 2x30watt. The local system will stop when there is audio broadcasting information from the center. This device support Chime Audio, will sound when the paging button pressed before start announcement.


  • This network terminal with built-in digital amplifier 2*30W at high quality sound.
  • Empowered by high-speed dual-core (ARM + DSP) chip of industrial grade, startup in less than 1s.
  • Compact in Size and easy to install.
  • Support MP3, WMA, WAV and more decoding.
  • With a standard RJ45 network interface and supports online firmware upgrade from long distance.
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Network Communication Protocol  IP, ARP, ICMP, DHCP, UDP, DNS, IGMP ( SIP for IPT-215 PoES )
Network Interface  10/100Base-TX,RJ45
RMS Power  2 * 30W @8
Decoding  MP3 / WMA / WAV
Frequency Range  20Hz~20KHz
PoE Adaptor  No
Operating Temperature  0~85°C
Power Consumption  Less than 300mW
Power Supply  DC 12-24V or POE
Dimension  153mm x 100mm x 26mm