Parking guidance system mainly for parking guide of the parking cars. Helps driver quickly and efficiency to find available parking space. Through the ultrasonic sensor, camera terminal to detect each parking space , collect and manage each parking space information send to management center. The software will real-time issue the available parking spaces information. Together with signal parking space occupy information and direction indicate to guide driver parking. Before leave could use car tracking system to find car location

Techma Parking guidance system uses ultrasonic detection technology to real-timely monitor status of parking space. All space’s status information are collected and analyzed by central controller, then be released to LED signage. Drivers can get parking information from signage to park car quickly and easly

Highly cost effective

Integrate probe and indicator together, largely reduce installation cost and simply the installation

Stable performance and high accuracy

Uses two-channel independent transceiver ultrasonic circuit and advanced ultrasonic detection anti-interference algorithm for achieving accuracy of 99.9%

Offline operation and flexible networking

Level 3 or level 4 networking optional, supports offline operation, capacity of the system is up to 31250 parking spaces.

Industrial design

Strict static electricity, lightning strike, electrical surge and group pulse test, with short circuit and reverse connection protection

Patented appearance

Unique appearance design, Concise atmospheric, large display area, long visible distance

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