[Inverter] TCM-600-Desc
[Inverter] TCM-600-Desc
[Inverter] TCM-600-Desc
[Inverter] TCM-600-Desc
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[Inverter] TCM-600-Desc
[Inverter] TCM-600-Desc
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WiFi Micro Inverter OnGrid


TCM-600 (Wireless) Using IP65 waterproof streamline design, Can effectively prevent rainwater on the surface erosion, Built-in high-performance Maximum Power Point Tracking(MPPT) Function, Better able to track changes in the solar luminosity and control different output power, Effectively capture and collect sunlight. AC electric power transmission using the reverse transmission technology, Is one of our patented technology, The inverter output power can provide load priority use, Extra electricity to the grid, Efficient use of the inverter to the power emitted, Electricity transmission rate of up to 99%. Communication using two modes, Between the inverter and Collector Using power line carrier communication signals, Collector with a PC or other devices to communicate Using RS232 serial port/ WIFI wireless communication. Intelligent monitoring systems, The inverter can collect real-time data, Inverter can be controlled startup / shutdown / power regulation.

  • High performance maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
  • Reverse power transmission
  • Intelligent monitoring management
  • Input /output is fully isolated to protect the electrical safety
  • Multiple parallel stacking
  • Digital control system
  • Operation and maintenance costs low, Flexible installation
  • Simplify maintenance (user serviceable)
  • Use the wireless 433 / 462MHz communication mode
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Maximum input power 600 Watt
Peak power tracking voltage 22-50V
Min / max starting voltage 22-55V
Maximum DC short-circuit 30A
Maximum input operating current Approx 27.2A
Output Data @120V @230V
Peak power output 600 Watt
Rated output power 600 Watt
Rated output current @5 A @2.6 A
Rated voltage range 80-160VAC 180-260VAC
Rated frequency range 48-51/58-61Hz
Power Factor >99%
Max unit per branch circuit 3pcs(Single-phase) 5pcs(Single-phase)
Output Eifficiency @120V @230V
Static MPPT efficiency 99.5%
Night time power consumption < 1W
THD < 5%
Exterior & Feature
Ambient temperature range -40°C to +60°C
Cooling Self-cooling
Communication Mode WiFi Mode
Power transmission mode Reverse transfer,load priority
Monitoring System  Mobile APP, PC browser
Electromagnetic Compatibility EN50081.part1 EN50082.Party1
Grid disturbance EN61000-3-2 Safety EN62109
Grid detection DIN VDE 0126
Certificate CE ,BIS
Dimensions (L × W × H) 280mm×200mm×40mm
Weight 1.62kg
Waterproof rating IP65