TCM-6040SP D -1
TCM-6040SP D -1
techma solar panel
techma solar panel
techma solar panel 2
techma solar panel 2
techma solar panel 3
techma solar panel 3
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techma solar panel 4
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TCM-6040SP D -1
techma solar panel
techma solar panel 2
techma solar panel 3
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Solar Surveillance Power Kit


Solar Powered CCTV systems are popular and energy saving among worldwide which needs remote surveillance view monitoring of inaccessible or large outdoor site which does not equipped with power supply facilities (eg agriculture, large scale park, industrial, construction sites)

  • No Wire, No Hassle, Wiring Cost and Trouble Saving
  • Reliable & Independent for Remote Site Monitoring
  • Quick and Fast Deployment
  • Intelligent and high performance solar power system
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Solar Surveillance Power Kit
Solar panel Monocrystalin 50W
Environment IP66
Output Voltage Lithium 40Ah
Output Voltage Dual Power 12V DC / 24V DC
Power Output Maximum Output 12V 5A – 24V 2A
Weight Approx 12 Kg
Solar Panel Info
Solar Panel Type Monocrystalline silicon 50W
Solar Panel Power 60 Wp
Power Tolerance + 3%
Rated Voltage 12.56 V
Service Life 25 Years
Maximum Power 60.46 W
Maximum Power Voltage 15.56 V
Maximum Current 5.85 A
Short-circuit Current 7.45 A
Open-circuit Current 22.32 V
Temperature Coefficient of ISC + 0.04
TC of VOC – 0.38
TC of Consumption – 0.47
TC of IM + 0.04
TC of VM – 0.38
Temperature Range -40°~ +85°
Rated current of bypass diode 12 A
Load Capacity 23m/s, 7.53g
Max load capacity of Surface 2400 Pa
Solar Panel Size 530 * 665 * 30 mm
Lithium Battery info
Battery Model BAT01-40AH
Battery Type Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity Max 40Ah
Nominal Voltage 12 V
Charge / Discharge protection Voltage 12.6V/9V
Normal Charging current 5 A
Max Charge / Discharge current 40 A
Discharge Temperature -20° ~ 60°
Charge Temperature -5° ~ 45°


1. Equipped with the automotive grade monocrystalline silicon solar panel+ EV MnNiCo ternary 18650 Lithium battery, heat & cold resistance, temperature Detection, etc, ensure a long using life.

2. With ultra low consumption (μA standard), no leak happens even when the battery has been idle for one year.

3. Solar panel with an-reverse protection, brings nearly zero risks during the installation.

4. Adopting the low voltage protection technology, avoid the frequent reboot while the cameras under low voltage mode, it largely reduced the failure rate.

5. With the realtime monitoring for the solar panel work condition, lithium battery work condition and the transformation of load power consumption.

6. Adopting the newest PID software algorithm, achieve the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for the solar panel system, ensure the most effective power input.

7. Intelligent solar power system , applied to t any kind of Compatible with any Surveillance Cameras.