TCM-EX30Y P - web 2
TCM-EX30Y P - web 2
TCM-EX30Y P - web 3
TCM-EX30Y P - web 3
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TCM-EX30Y P - web 2
TCM-EX30Y P - web 3
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Explosion Proof Network Horn Loudspeaker 30Watt

Description :

The TCM-EX30Y/P is an explosion-proof network Horn IP Speaker with sufficient mechanical strength. It has high sensitivity and efficiency in terms of electricity/sound. This product is used for its strong fire resistance and does not emit any toxic gases or pollute the environment. It is suitable for broadcasting, paging, and emergency broadcasting in chemical plants, gas stations, and other locations where there is a risk of explosion from methane mixtures, petroleum, or other toxic gases. It can be used at a site where Class II, T6 explosive environment or when steam or air is generated.

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Model  Techma TCM-EX30Y/P
Network Protocol  Sip, UDP, Multicast
Network Interface  10/100Base-TX, RJ45
Audio Compression  MP3, WMA, MAV
Ethernet connector  1x Rj45
Power / PoE  12V DC – 24V DC 3A/IEEE
Protocols  SIP, TCP, UDP, Multicast HTTP, RTP, DHCP, SNMP, NTP
Protocols Audio Management
and Operation Software
  Broadcast Audio Management
Software TCM-BGM5000+
Decoding  MP3/WMA/WAV
Audio Codec  G.711, G.722, G.729
Rated Power  30watt
Frequecy respon  400Hz–10kHz
Power Tapping Options  15W/30W
Maximum SPL(1m)  127±2dB
Operating Temperature  -40°C – 70°C
Weight  4.0KG
Dimension  250(Ø) x 352(L)mm