TCM-BL14AS web 2
TCM-BL14AS web 2
TCM-BL14AS web 2
TCM-BL14AS web 2
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TCM-BL14AS web 2
TCM-BL14AS web 2
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Pillar Panic Button Emergency Intercom


The Blue Light Emergency Phone Tower, is based on a cold rolled steel with powder coated body, and stainless faceplate, offers increased resistance to vandalism, and ensure that the primary function of communications is maintained at all times. It is an ideal security solution for remote and high-risk areas. This vandal-resistant tower serves as a great deterrent to crime. An always-lit LED Blue Light mounted atop the tower provides high visibility and gives passers-by a sense of security. Emergency call can be placed with a simple push of a button. At the same time, the LED Blue Light begins to ash, attracting attention to the location.


  • IP65/ IP67 Weatherproof, tamper proof cold rolled steel housing, SUS304/316 faceplate with vandal resistant button.
  • Red or blue strobe will ash for duration of a call when the button is pressed to draw attention to the unit.
  • Built-in loud speaker, noise canceling microphone.
  • Remote or on-site programmable.
  • Lightning protection standard to ITU-T K21.
  • Rechargeable battery with solar powered panel available.
  • The size and style of blue light emergency phone can be customized according to customer demand.
  • UV resistant and suitable for outdoor and harsh environment.
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Ambient Temperature -30 ~ +70 degree celsius
Relative Humidity 10% ~95%
Atmospheric Pressure 86 – 106kpa
Sound Level of Ringing >80dB(A). 1w speaker
Low frequency group 697, 770, 852, 941Hz.
High frequency group 1209, 1336, 1477Hz.
Frequency Deviation -1.5% ~ +1.5%
Call Transmission Index (5km) SLR<12,
RLR < -1, STMR >10, output impedance is 600ohm.
Applicable various types of PABX with feeding voltage of 33-60V
MTBF 100,000 hours.
MTTR 2 hours.